Skip™ unlocks mobile orders

Skip is all about mobile. He’s your new best friend because he helps people text orders on their mobile devices without downloading apps. Easier and faster food orders make people happy, so they come back for more. And Skip is right there waiting. He remembers their last order so they can simply tap to reorder, or he can help them quickly create and text a new one.

Skip past the competition with easier order options

Skip is an order-taking superstar! He loves people so he’s ready to serve with people-friendly order options…

  • To start an order, users just text “Hi” to a short code
  • Skip instantly replies and users can text their order
  • Skip corrects typing mistakes and transforms even messy text messages into a beautiful order
  • User can either text their order or click the web-menu link and choose from menu options
  • Skip chat is always standing by ready to answer questions
  • Skip will keep items ordered on SMS and web-menus synced together as one complete order so it’s easy to confirm, pay with mobile pay or at the outlet, and pick-up!

The Skip Dream Team

Skip is alive today because a small posse of dreamers at Digital Baron, LLC are working together to positively impact the lives of people. Our journey began with a heart to help hearing-impaired people have better experiences at the quick service restaurant drive-thru. That quest led to the development of a “magical black box” bundle of patent-pending mobile technologies that help everybody have better experiences – whenever or wherever they order food. We’re still hard at work to help create solutions that meet the needs of people.